Essential Tips on Managing the Pasture for Your Horse

It is needless to say that an essential element of your horse’s diet is           contained by pasture or hay. If a horse weighs around 1100 pounds, it needs about 600 pounds of food to eat every month. If its pasture is the only thing they eat, they need to consume about 28 acres grass. If fact compared to a dryland pasture, a well-irrigated pasture in most cases will grow much more grass. If you are at any place in Ocala or any other state in the USA, it is essential to allow required amount of pasture land for your horse. For example, in Phoenix your horse roughly needs 1 to 2 acres of irrigated pasture. However, it is also essential to maintain and manage the pasture with an experienced hand so that it supplies the right amount of food for your animal.

Pasture for Horses

It is true that pasture grazing is not mandatory for a horse. One can dream about a nice green pasture, but in reality it is not always possible. You can also feed your horse without pasture. However, you cannot turn down the several advantages of having a green pasture as it can ensure the natural, eco-friendly feed for your horse, decrease the cost of feeding, allow your animal to exercise and ensure its happiness. Usually it has been found that horses living on the pasture stay healthier than those horses kept in the stables.

Pasture Management

Horses are very particular about their food as they don’t eat trodden grass or grass with manure. And they always prefer to overgraze in their pasture to stay active. Therefore, if you allow one acre land for the pasture which re pasture management; however, two acres of pasture for a horse are ideal. Here pasture management indicates soil testing, managing manure and fertilizing just like one needs to do with his crop. The perfect horse living can be prepared by a combination of pasture and adequate area for barn so that you can minimize its overgrazing. To prepare the perfect landscape for your horse, you can take professional help of Ocala landscapers that gives you the idea to manage the land in the best possible way.

Maintaining Your Horse Property

Creating and maintaining a useful pasture is not so tough. If you can allow specific acres of land to your horse, you can simply turn it into a green pasture by spending few dollars. An investment on soil nutrients, fertilizers and other relevant things can increase the productivity and produce more forage. By investing on fertilizer costs, you can offset the rotating of the good pasture and saving in feed costs on grain supplements and hay.

Mowing of Pasture

Another important thing for your pasture management is mowing that is essential to restrict the growth of the weeds and higher quality of the forage. The grass of the pasture should be mowed up to 3 or 4 inches. Since mowing in a larger landscape is quite difficult, the best thing you can do is to contact a good lawn service in your area like Landscape Sod & Beyond Inc.,that ensures the quality and aesthetic view of the pasture. If you want to obtain more information in this regard, you may contact the best landscaping company in Ocala, Landscape Sod & Beyond, Inc.

Buying Broodmares In The Equestrian Business

Buying a broodmare is not exactly a science, nor is it an art, it is somewhere in between. The reasons why you wish to buy any horse should be dependent upon how you end up using that horse. Some buy and sell horses to breed exclusively, some just buy horses to race, and some just buy them to be pets. Regardless of the reason you should have some goal in mind when looking to buy a broodmare.

The best Broodmares might go for a premium price; however, there may be some horses that descend from the same bloodlines that can go for far less money. It really is all about how much research you want to put into your buying efforts, some breeders don’t even realize what they may have in their stocks.

Horses Etc. Classifieds

One of the first things to do is to go online to different horse classified sites like Horses Etc. LLC , and see how the market is.  This will tell you how breeders, trainers and horse owners set their prices.  Keep in mind that the majority of them think their horse(s) are worth the price they have them advertised at.  Don’t be shocked when your opinion doesn’t match theirs.
Sometimes you need to have a strategy in place that you can practice while searching for the best horse. If you know you can afford something that is a bit on the higher end but still want to get a bargain then you may have to sacrifice some time instead of using your whole savings to get your desired horse. Many people not only buy these horses for breeding but also for racing, so if you have that in mind you may want to visit the horse to see if its temperament is what you like and if you can get along.
The best breeders are going to be known among the circle of Broodmare owners you may already know. Many times it is about finding the right breeder through networking, using your connections you may be able to find out if the horse you were interested in is pregnant so that you can some of that bloodline for your own stock of horses.
Buying a great Broodmare can take some time, a lot of patience, and a healthy budget if you want to buy some of the best out in the market. Many times it is up to sheer luck and being at the right place at the right time.